Bible Testimonies

Find out what the Bible means for Catholics from the diocese of Portsmouth,

and how God spoke in their lives through the Scriptures

Bible Reflections

Listen to the Monks of Quarr Abbey, on the Isle of Wight, share their prayerful insights on the word of God. They teach us how to be open to the voice of God who speaks to us in his Word, Jesus Christ.

Bible in Action

Listen to Jo Lewry from Cafod and Kevin Gallagher from Caritas, who share their work in the light of Scripture and Pope Francis' Laudato Si, with practical suggestions to make Lent one of concrete action for our neighbours. 

Sharing God's Word

There are so many ways to share Gods' word together. 

Here you can find some great creative ways to engage with the Bible

and to share it with others!

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Bible Words

Deacon Martin McElroy from Winchester offers our diocese of Portsmouth a weekly series of articles and podcasts, taking a single word each week from the Sunday Scripture readings, and exploring the use of that word throughout the Bible.

Gospel Webinar

Journey through the gospel with others, every Wednesday at 7pm

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Gospel Commentary

Each week, the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph in Lymington explain some aspects of the coming Sunday Gospel, using the four senses of Scripture.


Resource Library

Looking for resources to help introduce others to the Bible near you? Hunting for a good Bible study?

Look no further than our own diocesan resource library! Take a look at the resources on offer, find the right one for you and get in touch. 

Parish Course


Wanting to learn how to run a parish course or individual bible study? The Maryvale Institute offers a great distance learning course.

'Maryvale Institute is pleased to offer a series of Study Guides to the New Testament. Each single module can be studied alone at home, or as part of a parish study group. You can also work towards the Certificate in New Testament Studies by completing six modules with assignments, for an additional cost.'

'Ignorance of the Scriptures

is ignorance of Christ.'

St. Jerome