Coronavirus Update

In the light of the Coronavirus pandemic, you can find ways to listen more attentively to God from home and join in the national and diocesan initiaves

Join in the national initiative of prayerful listening to the God who Speaks

From Fleur Dorrell, national campaign coordinator:

We pray that you, your families, friends and communities are all well and coping at this challenging time.

Even though many aspects of our lives will change as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, please be assured of our continued commitment to our God who Speaks campaign.

This global crisis may become the most significant element of our campaign as we reflect on this year’s turning point for everyone in England and Wales.

We therefore want to discern the next stage of our journey together by:

  • Listening to the God who Speaks in a profoundly radical way.

  • Deepening our faith in God and in each other through increased Scriptural reflection.

  • Building on our relationships across all dioceses and creating a renewed Church community together spiritually and scripturally.

  • Exploring, learning and being more creative in the use of all digital media.

Portsmouth Diocese Coronavirus Information