readers workshops

To mark the Year of the Word the diocese of Portsmouth is launching Readers’ training workshops which are available for parishes to book.

The training consists in two workshops of three hours each, which offer Liturgical, Biblical and practical formation for all readers and aspiring readers. On completion of the two workshops, the participants are awarded a diocesan Recognition.

Year of the Word Pilgrimage


As part of the 'The God Who Speaks' a national Scripture Tour will be taking place throughout England and Wales.  We are thrilled to say that on the June 26th-27th 2021, the Scripture Tour will be coming to Winchester Cathedral!


Take time to come on pilgrimage to Winchester Cathedral, home of the Winchester Bible and St Swithun, to listen to God who speaks to us in his Word. Winchester Cathedral will be hosting the National Scripture Tour: Word on the Road

Book a Bible Evening for your Parish

As part of the The God Who Speaks campaign, The Dominican Sisters are offering to come to your parish for one evening to help everyone grow in knowledge and love of the Bible. This evening is also a unique opportunity to record your own testimony about the impact of the Word of God in your life. If you want to find out more, contact Sr Hyacinthe below.

Celebrating God's Word

To celebrate God's word, the diocese will be hosting events large and small! 

Have a scroll and discover what's for you.

'To read sacred scripture means

 to turn to Christ for advice.'

St. Francis of Assisi